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How It Works

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Signing up to our platform is completely free and you get a stylish profile page plus a unique QR code, perfect for showcasing your own work and enhancing your brand identity.

Grandee caters to UGC Creators and Influencers in a huge range of categories. We have a great selection of exciting Brands and Businesses for you to work with on Social Media & Content Campaigns.

Manage Your Profitable Account  - Whether you're an established Creator or just getting started, we'd love to have you on our platform!


Step #01

Register or connect with your social account as guided

Currently, Grandee offers seven ways to create a profile with your socials: using Google, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter X, LinkedIn, Twitch and Amazon.

Step #02

Set up your outstanding Profile

Check out our guides on how to get the best out of your Creator Profile


Step #03

Create your own Services or apply to suitable campaigns by Brands

Offer your marketing and promotional skills as a service

There is no set number of followers that an individual needs to have in order to be considered an influencer. The term “influencer” generally refers to someone who has the ability to influence the opinions, attitudes, or behaviors of a specific group of people. This can be based on the individual’s expertise, credibility, or popularity in a particular niche or industry.


The number of followers that an individual has on social media can be one way to measure their influence, but it is not the only factor. Some individuals may have a smaller number of followers, but still have a high level of influence within their niche due to their expertise and credibility.


Ultimately, the determination of whether an individual is an influencer or not is subjective and can vary depending on the context and audience. It’s important for influencers to focus on creating high-quality content, engaging with their audience, and building their credibility in their niche, rather than simply chasing a certain number of followers.


We believe that every individual has a certain influence on their Friends and Followers. Hence, anyone can join us. However, having 1,000+ Followers will help you approach Brands easier.


Attract more followers and grow your influence

It’s completely safe. You are the only one to access and control your Account. We have no access to your Social Profiles or any of your Account Passwords.


Overall, whether it is safe to sign up and log in with your social media account will also depend on the security of your social media account. As long as you do your research and take steps to protect your personal information, signing up and logging in with your social media account can be a convenient and secure option.

Brands and Businesses will be listing a mixture of Paid Campaigns, Gifted (Barter) Campaigns and Commission Campaigns. Barter Campaigns are ones where Free Products will be given to Creators to promote and review, whereas Paid Campaigns will give Creators financial rewards. And it won’t be uncommon for Campaigns to offer both!

Full Details will be provided in the individual Campaign Page so that you will know what is being offered prior to applying and showing an interest in a particular Campaign.

Collaboration Type Examples

A creator’s earnings on Grandee are determined by several factors, including their service prices, how frequently they get booked for collaborations, the 20% platform fee charged by Grandee for each completed collaboration, and whether additional service options are sold more often.


Creators should consider all these factors when calculating their potential earnings on the platform.


What price should I set for my Creator Service?