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How It Works

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How to get into Influencer & Content Marketing - Find the most fitting Creators using our Smart Tools.

The best Creators for your Campaign don’t have to be the ones with a huge number of followers or interactions.

When creating a new campaign we will help you choosing the most suitable Creators based on your niche, thanks to our Smart Matching Algorithm.


Step #01

Register or connect with your social account as guided

Currently, Grandee offers seven ways to create a profile with your socials: using Google, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter X, LinkedIn, Twitch and Amazon.

Step #02

Create your first Campaign

Check out our guides on how to get the best out of your Campaigns


Step #03

Book the right Influencer or UGC Creator

Find the best Service offer to market your next Campaign

They can be Bloggers, Travelers, Fitness Coaches, Educators, Technologists, Artists, Fashionistas, Beauty Gurus, etc.


Diverse Types of Influencers

To create a Campaign is free of charge, therefor you need first to register for free and create a Brand Profile.


The Cost of an Influencer Campaign

The Influencer is required to keep the post in their feed for at least the agreed duration. If the Influencer deletes or hides the post during the Campaign, this will be considered a breach of agreement by the Influencer. In this case, Grandee will ask the Influencer to fulfill the agreements or to provide logical reasons.

What if an Influencer deletes the advertised post?

Grandee offers a secure payment between Creators and Brands including a possible refund. For peace of mind, our automated system monitors the Campaign and will hold funds until the post has been finalized/published according to your deal with the Creator.

Can I withdraw my money if the Creator breaches the agreement?